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LDAYR Ambassador

ElisaElisa Blasi, the Learning Disaiblities Association of York Region Ambassador shares her journey and wisdom with the communities.  Do you have a question for the LDAYR Ambassador? We would love to hear your feedback regarding Elisa’s story. Please send us an email with your questions and/or thoughts to:info@ldayr.org ATTN: Elisa’s Corner.

LDAYR Champions

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Sara – Sara shares her story of life in school.

Frank – Frank shares his perspective of living with ADHD.

Jordyn – Jordyn share about the importance of self.

Matt – Matt, his mom and his teacher share their own perspectives of living with learning disabilities.

Matthew – Matthew and his mom share what it’s like to go to high school and on to university.

Anthony – Anthony shares what it is like to live with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability and Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.)

Ryan – Ryan talks about being an adult and how LDAYR helped me learn about his own disabilities

DJ Cunningham – DJ shares his story of mastering his learning disabilities and going on to have a successful career.