Richmond Hill Mayor’s Tournament 2013

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Richmond Hill Mayor’s Tournament 2013

On behalf of the Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR), and more specifically our Literacy and Numeracy Tutor Program, we would like to extend our gratitude as we are honoured to have been a participating charity at the 20th Annual Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament.

We would like to thank Mayor Barrow, the committee, and the town of Richmond Hill for their hard work in organizing this year’s annual golf tournament and choosing to recognize the LDAYR’s commitment to ensuring that children, youth and adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) receive a fair chance of participation within their community. Together with Mayor Barrow’s support, this generous donation to the LDAYR will truly make a difference in our Literacy and Numeracy Tutor Program as well as the lives of individuals and families affected by LD’s and/or ADHD living in Richmond Hill.

To our volunteer team: Your dedicated time, efforts, and energy were necessary for us to be able to participate in this event, and therefore much appreciated. Not only did you help us raise funds, but more importantly you helped us raise awareness!

Learning Disabilities are complicated, but on June 17th, 2013 we witnessed that helping isn’t.