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SoAR Transitions

Designed for youth aged 16 – 20 throughout York Region who have been identified with an LD and/ or ADHD transitioning into post-secondary and/ or the workplace.

Participants and facilitators will focus on:

  • Strengths and needs;
  • Learning styles and understanding areas of LD and/or ADHD;
  • Strategies for organizational and time management skills;
  • Building study skills and exam preparation;
  • Self-advocacy and social skills;
  • Transitioning into the workplace, college, or university;
  • Pre-employment and job skills

Registration Information

Target Group: ages 16-20 with LD and/or ADHD
Location: 11181 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill
Time: Flexible 2 sessions for 1 to 1 1⁄2 hour duration through 1:1 facilitation.

Facilitators will use: Strategies, Hands on approaches, Interactive, and Role play activities

Topics Include

How do I transition into post secondary?
What’s my learning style?
What does my LD mean for me?
Learn and build study skills
Transition into the workplace

For more information please contact us at 905.884.7933 ext.25.

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York Region - Funded through The Regional Municipality of York