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DJ Cunningham’s Story

DJ endured many personal struggles through school, as well as, being diagnosed with a Learning Disability and ADHD in the fourth grade. DJ felt he was different, stupid, and was scared he would not amount to anything in life. He had a hard time staying focused and getting his good ideas out of his head onto paper. However, as DJ approached the end of high school everything was about to change. DJ was about to learn that he was not stupid but rather he simply learnt differently than others.

DJ learnt about learning differently in a very unusual place, the Army. He enlisted into the Canadian Forces during grade 12. Before enlisting, DJ experienced self-doubt and a feeling of stupidity. This changed during his military basic training. DJ found himself in a leadership position. He was sought after by his fellow candidates asking him for extra help in understanding the skills needed to succeed in their training. This had never happened to DJ before. These requests made him feel content and smart. DJ recognized that the military teaches in a very different way than traditional schooling does. DJ graduated from basic training second in his class. With a new sense of confidence, DJ entered his first year of university where he was introduced to assistive technology. At university DJ took his understanding of how he learns differently and coupled that with technology, which helped to support his weaknesses by utilizing his strengths.

After graduating university, DJ went on to start an education consulting company called, LEARNstyle ltd. He took the lessons of differentiated instruction that he learned in the military and coupled it with assistive technology. The outcomes were very successful methods of helping students realize their full potential. Taking it a step further, DJ had begun development on a web-based learning profiling tool. This tool lets students self discover their preferred learning style. The tool provides assistive technology and strategies, which will be useful for students to use based on their results.

The company DJ started LEARNstyle now boast a staff of 19 and is very successful.