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Who is LDAYR?

The Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR) is a charitable non-profit organization which was established in 1976. We provide leadership in Learning Disabilities advocacy, research, education and services, and strive to advance the full participation of children, youth and adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) in society.

What does LDAYR do?

Its Programs and Services:

  • ABC’s and 123’s Tutoring Program
  • Adults with LDs Support Groups
  • Advocacy/Resource Facilitating
  • Educational Services/ Workshops
  • Community Outreach
  • Job Fit/ Adult Employment Preparation Program
  • Parenting Course
  • Parent Support Groups/Seminars
  • Public Awareness/ Speaker’s Bureau
  • Resources Centre/library
  • SOAR – Grades 6 to 8/High school
  • Social Skills Program and Summer Camp
  • Volunteer Opportunities


LDAYR services York Region with a central office at 11181 Yonge St., Suite #221, in Richmond Hill, and several outreach offices in the region.

What is a Learning Disability?

Learning Disabilities refers to a variety of disorders that affect the acquisition, retention, understanding, and organization of information. It results from impairments in psychological
processes in combination with average abilities for thinking and reasoning. Learning Disabilities are specific impairments and thus are distinct from intellectual disabilities.

Learning Disabilities range in severity and interfere with the acquisition and use of one or more of the following important skills:

  • Oral language
  • Reading
  • Written language
  • Mathematics

For success, people with Learning Disabilities require specialized interventions at home, in school, in community and in workplace settings, appropriate to their individual strengths and needs.